Where Can You Get My Art Work

mixed media art by queti azurin

I believe that visual art is subjective.

A visual artist makes and creates out of the recesses of their heart and soul. A part of that art piece is an extension of what is contained in their mind and heart at a certain point in time. A tangible expression of deep thoughts, emotions, convictions and beliefs.

Not everyone may appreciate or even dig certain types of art or a particular medium used and that is a fact that most artists know. But an artist profoundly wants to find an audience to share this tangible kind of communication and expression. The probable absence of such does not stop the artist from creating anyway.

When you find art that resonates with you, or that moves or grips you, or that gives you joy, or gives you such delight, or that provokes you to think or draws you in a very personal way then you’ve found your type of art.

If my kind of art made your heart beat ( joyfully I hope) and is something you want to own, I’m preparing an online shop so you can purchase it online. Bear with me as I’m still setting it up.

Right now I do have designs that are on garments under Vida. You can purchase them online here.

The collection is entitled “Seasons In The Woodlot.” The inspiration comes from the changing views and images that happen in the woodlot through the seasons. The woodlot is in front of where I live so I have had the delight of seeing how it transforms.

Here is a peek of some of the pieces from that collection.

  • queti azurin design on shop vida garment


Explore more of my collection at Vida.